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Architectural Communication

Mar 3, 2021 / by Onedigital Admin / In / Comments Off on Architectural Communication


It includes written and digital documentation of architecture — the field encompassing thorough research and involvement in the latest construction techniques, building materials, specialized services, the coverage of architectural seminars, conferences, features, forms, the analysis of building structures and a lot more.
To a large extent, architectural communication affects the way the infrastructure of a society develops, because architecture is less about the design of buildings and more about an attitude towards life.


Architecture needs to be experienced. Architecture not only involves designing and producing a building but it’s an art to be celebrated. Understanding a building, sitting anywhere in the world and treading on a path of making the world shrink and a way of exposing to the world aspects about architecture which lie veiled from the untutored eye is a road untaken.


A good brief is the foundation of a good design. We collaborate with you and make this ‘good’ happen. Communication is a very crucial aspect for an Architect/Designer which is the key forward.
Our co-founder – Himani Ahuja is a core member of the Architectural fraternity. Being an architect, designer, leader, awarded writer and a speaker herself, she understands your love for design. Keeping business acquisition strong, she has aided eminent architects & designers build their brand and network globally.


The power of the concept behind every successful innovation is evident from the success of Apple. Steve Jobs did not just create sleek devices but conceptualized an ecosystem that included iOS, carrier and music label partnerships, iTunes, and App Store. The expanding ecosystem is the reason behind the success of Apple. Successful innovators focus on conceptualizing their idea to succeed in the marketplace.
When conceptualizing an idea, it is essential to ask questions like what is the problem that the idea solves, who is the consumer for the idea, does the idea solve the consumer’s problems and how will the solution be delivered to the consumer. It is very important to direct the thinking to specific dimensions and search answers to certain questions that help in evolving the idea from the initial thought through the various stages of innovation.

The two problem areas we focus on are :

1. Business Strategy View
2. Business Model View

Whatever your idea might be. We conceptualize the perfect pitch.
Our services include-

• Power Point Presentations
• PDF presentations
• Concept Documents
• Business Plans
• Concept Videos
• Product Video
• Pre-sales concept

Print Artwork

How can our Graphic Design Service help your Business?

At OneDigital, everything we do has a unifying goal: To set you apart from the competition.Businesses of all sizes count on us for our out-of-the-box art work and graphics. Comprehensive, yet affordable – we deliver real value.From start-ups and individuals to established corporations. From a simple logo to get up and running, to a complete technical brochures of large corporates. Every client receives one-on-one attention and the level of excellence they deserve.
Large or small, whatever you need, our aim is to exceed your expectations.
Every engagement begins with learning about who you are, whatyou need and what you envision.

Our Services :

Logo Design
• Brochure Design
• Newsletters
• Social Media Ads
• Print Ads
• Digital Artwork
• Print Artwork
• Corporate Artwork – Visiting Cards, Letter Heads etc.

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